Luke Reynolds (PKA Morrison Machiavelli) is a Hip Hop performing artist, educator and writer based in Los Angeles, California. His approach musically has been developed by studying and adopting the culture of Hip Hop and translating his own story respectively through it's musical channels. Morrison's melodic evolution combined with his punctual delivery offers insight to his magnetic personality.

Rooted deeply in the art of performance and communication Morrison Machiavelli consistently pushes the boundaries of his creativity. The catalogue of his music taps in to a wide range of emotions. Offering perspective and experience has always been key to his style. Having embraced vulnerability and self-acceptance Morrison Machiavelli has always kept his work authentic to himself. As an experienced musician and professional Morrison translates his technical skills with his knowledge from being active within Hip Hop organizations such as Zulu Union (formerly Zulu Nation) and J Dilla Foundation (founding member of Twin Cities Chapter) into his lyrics and collaborations. He also works as a teacher in Juvenile Detention Camps serving youth with Jail Guitar Doors as a songwriting teacher offering lessons in lyric-writing, composition, production, audio-engineering, and more. Machiavelli volunteers as an chapter leader and organizer with the Save The Kids Los Angeles Chapter working to replace the cradle-to-prison pipeline with localized restorative and social justice.

Morrison Machiavelli moved from Minneapolis to Los Angeles in August, 2017, where he set out to continue his work as a Hip Hop artist and contributions to the culture by any means necessary. After almost two years of being homeless he began his own practice and private studio in Hollywood off of the legendary Sunset Boulevard.

Commercial appeal rarely crosses with lyricism in today's Hip Hop setting Morrison apart from many in-class. Working with legends such as Sadat X (Brand Nubian) and Truth Maze (Micranots, IRM Crew) he crafts a distinct sound and presence unexpectedly unique within every verse.

Formal Affiliations Include: James Dewitt Yancey (J Dilla) Foundation Twin Cities Chapter, Save The Kids, Jail Guitar Doors, Interlude Culture, Prosaic Minds, and Calafia Zulus, Zulu Union.

“[Morrison Machiavelli] possesses a metaphysical element that even Mikey [Eyedea] didn’t shoot for.” - Fagerberg, Jared. CityPages.
Music by Morrison Machiavelli